CETAS can determine whether authorization is needed for a given traveler and itinerary, if travel has already been approved or declined, and if changes to the itinerary warrant re-approval.

Customize out-of-policy triggers per customer
Every business is unique. Use the flexibility of CETAS to customize your pre-trip approval tool to match each of your clients’ unique needs no matter how complex.
Stay informed
CETAS’ built-in reporting tools let you and your clients see where trip spend is actually being spent and who is doing the spending.

Customize your website
In addition to the configuration of policy rules via routines, many components of CETAS can easily be customized, including site colors and emails, single sign-on, and multi-lingual support.
Approve from anywhere
CETAS can be accessed from any mobile device with internet access. Mobile functionality is provided via the CETAS website for mobile, which has been formatted to increase download speeds, usability, and readability on mobile devices. GDSX also offers CETAS iPhone apps.

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